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Dr. Gholamali Abidi was born on 1920 in a noble family in Tehran,.



After completion of elementary and high school, he entered the Medical Faculty of the University of Tehran in 1938 and he was graduated in 1942. Then, he went to Paris for passing the internship course. 



The pitiable condition of the patients during the world war second made him produce national medicine in Iran. This decision led to the establishment of the first pharmaceutical laboratory in the country in 1946 at Amin District in Tehran.



In 1958, he obtained the first pharmaceutical license from the Ministry of Health for “Vermicid Tablet”



Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Laboratory was established in 1973 in a 10000-suqre-meter land at Karaj Road, which has been active from that time till now.



In 1999, Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals received ISO 9001 Certificate in quality management from BVQI Co. of England.


In 2001, the quality control laboratory of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals received the accredited certificate from the Ministry of Health.



In 2002, a branch of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Laboratory was established in Samarkand, Uzbekistan at the presence of the current president.




Dr. Gholamali Abidi was a pious and good man and he loved science and production. He was very energetic and thought beyond his time. Finally, the old father of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industry died on 2004.



  • Cobel Darou, as the top pharmaceutical importer in Iran, bought more than 90 percent of the shares of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals. 


Commissioning the Most Modern Liquid Production Line in 2012

The biggest and newest liquid production line in the country was launched at the presence of head of Food and Drug Administration by observing the principles of GMP and based on the international standards.

Opening the Production Line of High Potent Medications in 2015

On the seventieth anniversary of establishment of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals which was coincided with Pharmacists Day, the new production line for High Potent medications was opened at the presence of Dr. Dinarvand, head of Food and Drug Administration. At the first step, "Dimethyl Fumarate" medicine, with the commercial name of "Diphosel" was produced at this line for MS patients. The production line for special medications is under the license of the Dutch Company, but it shall be produced in Iran for the first time.