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We have always been bound to the simple but fundamental and effective values which guide us in all communications and transactions. Being the best is our most significant value and innovation is the key to our success. We believe that honesty in words and actions and belief in using collective wisdom and collective partnership under the shadow of hard work and efforts are highly important. 

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Vsol new product from Pharmaceutical doctor Abidi new product from Pharmaceutical doctor Abidi<p> </p>With the efforts of experts in pharmaceutical medicine doctor Abidi Vsol of two doses of 5 and 10 mg of antagonist drug to enter the market.
Production and supply of drugs Meltiva and supply of drugs Meltiva<p>Meltiva migraine drugs by the pharmaceutical doctor Obeidi was released in October. The drug for Wafer (drop-down in the mouth) is provided for those patients migraine due to nausea caused by migraine are not able to eat water is the best option. Meltiva quickly and in less than half an hour, the patient relieves headaches.</p><p>Each tablet Meltiva that round, flat and white contains 10 mg is Ryzatryptan. Triptans are one of the drugs that prevent vascular mechanisms of the acute phase of migraine or acute phase to quickly improve.</p><p>Meltiva compared to brand drugs and foreign production that has been available for patients in the high price, very good price, which makes a wider range of their fellow citizens a much lower cost drugs produce.<br></p>

 Our Colleagues

Business cooperation is necessary and is the priority of the strategies of our company for the purpose of development of the portfolio of advanced products.

We seek win-win mutual transaction. All the transactions of our company with our Partners are based on quality, competitive price, suitability, sustainability and honesty. ​​